Island Residence Retreat

A private Island, heavily wooded with a private pond, two secluded coves, and natural stone overlooks presenting stunning coastal views – and a slice of heaven.  The design intent was to have a very light hand in the siting of the house and the development of the landscape, using existing materials from the island site as much as feasible.  Thus, existing ledge rock was utilized for the construction of the new landscape walls, stone steps, and stepping stones and to mitigate construction impacts to existing stone ledges.  The result was a design landscape that provided an organic interface between the new residence and the natural context of the site. Native plant materials were used for the plantings around the residence and food source plantings of wild rice, duck potato, arrow arum were introduced along the pond edge to supplement the existing diversity in flora and fauna.  A rain water catchment system for the irrigation system was also deployed for landscape watering needs.  A site sensitive trail system for casual hikes and exploring was developed that threaded the sites unique and natural beauty together for family enjoyment.

Site Area

45 acres

Project Components

Entry Drive
Stone Walkways
Native Stone Walls
Native Restoration Plantings
Upper / Lower Lawn
Foundation Plantings
Terraced Gardens
Woodland Meadow
Woodland Trail System
Rainwater Catchment
Site Lighting

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