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Stroudwater Design Group Inc. is a personal service design studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides professional landscape architecture design services for residential and estate landscapes, and a limited number of winery properties and municipal commissions.  Since 1990, Stroudwater Design Group has completed a diverse mix of historic, traditional and modern designed landscapes carefully guided by the timeless design principles of proper scale, proportion and rhythm.  Gardens with rich detailing and a high level of craftsmanship that innovate upon tradition – the results are timeless.  We strive to create gardens that capture the fluid interplay between the natural patterns and elements of the site, the materials and spatial articulation of the architecture, and the life patterns of those that will interact with the gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our work has been award winning, recognized in such publications as Architectural Digest, Garden Design, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, and “Sonoma Valley Style”.  But the recognition that is most important to us is the appreciation by our clients for adding value to their life experience through the enjoyment of a healthy landscape environment that is well-designed and well-crafted.

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